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Philosophy, CHARISM & MISSION statement

The college Motto "To Love, To Serve, To Shine", applies to all aspects of school life. We find strength in sharing, helping, including, nurturing and encouraging. 

The college motto encourages all in the community to go above and beyond every day to nurture a faith that strengthens our community; show love as a gift of sincere care, concern, mateship, empathy and compassion for others; reach out in a spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation and mutual respect; serve those in need; and witness to the life of Christ. 

Mary Help of Christians is the Patron Saint of Southern Cross Catholic College. We pray to Mary as the one who assists our Christian community through its celebrations and challenges. Through Mary’s help of all people, we encounter Jesus. Catholic Australia remains faithful to Mary and was the first nation to choose her under the title Help of Christians, as Principal Patroness. Through Mary to Jesus, the Southern Cross Catholic College community too, keeps the faith alive through our mission as educators.

Our charism is based on a Marian devotion to Mary, Help of Christians. In solidarity with our Catholic school community, our charism challenges us to live compassionate lives, courageously serve the cause of justice and peace and use our gifts and talents to transform the lives of others.

The symbolism of the Southern Cross for our College connects to our Catholic Christian faith and reminds the school community of God's unconditional love that embraces their joys and sufferings. The constellation of stars raises echoes of Australian spirituality, both ancient and modern and having a constellation as the symbol and the name of the College reminds us of the wonders of creation and of the ancient great southern land, its people and customs upon which the school was built and now grows. The Southern Cross constellation is found on the Diocesan Crest as it represents Mary - Help of Christians: the patroness of our Diocese and our College.

College Motto and Mission Statement

Southern Cross Catholic College is committed to providing excellence in education through nurturing our faith in Jesus and empowering our students to shine with the fullness of life.

The College motto TO LOVE, TO SERVE, TO SHINE applies to all aspects of college life. It is a call for all in our school community to use their gifts and talents to enhance the educational journey of our students.

Our College is a place for students, staff and families where standards are high, people are valued, learning is a lifelong journey, transformation is a reality and faith is serious. It is through Mary to Jesus that we find strength in sharing with, helping, including, nurturing and encouraging others.

Southern Cross Catholic College is an exciting place for students, staff and families where…

"Teach Me Your Ways O Lord" (Psalm 86)