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Southern Cross Catholic College is committed to developing socially responsible citizens who become productive and engaged members of our local community and society.

Our curriculum and pastoral care programs support communities in a collective effort to optimise social, emotional, and academic outcomes of young people. This is achieved through identifying social and emotional capabilities that young people need to acquire in order to be successful. Embedding this in the school experience gives students the tools to influence their own wellbeing, and learn good citizenship through maintaining positive relationships, making contributions to others and the community. The development of a Growth Mindset is at the centre of the Pastoral Care approach.

Our peer led, experiential learning program is skills based and empowers young people to support each other and contribute positively to their community. This program provides students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop the skills, understanding, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our college Code of Behaviour underpins our approach to building a culture that promotes learning. Our Code of Behaviour outlines our beliefs and expectations around behaviour and includes key rights and responsibilities. All members of our community have the right to feel safe, the right to learn and the right to feel respected and with these rights comes independent responsibilities.