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History of Southern Cross Catholic College

Southern Cross Catholic College, whilst young compared to other Townsville schools, has a rich history of excellence, inclusion and pride in it’s Catholic education.

Southern Cross Catholic School opened its doors to 70 eager Prep to Year 4 students on 26 January 1998. Four teachers and one Teacher Aide welcomed the students to just four buildings at the school. 

Southern Cross Catholic School quickly expanded to a Prep to Year 7 school in 2001 with 271 students.

In 2015, Southern Cross grew to a Primary/Secondary College with 738 students and 66 staff. In 2019, we welcomed our first Year 12 Cohort and our student numbers grew to 1,201 students from Prep to Year 12 with 159 staff members. Today, the College continues to grow, but the community focus of our small school beginning has not been lost.

We are proud of our history and of how quickly the Townsville community has embraced the College, making it one of the most sought-after education facilities for their children. We are honoured to provide an excellent, well-rounded education to our students and pride ourselves on the connection we hold with our families and the community. Our passion is evident in our students’ academic, cultural, sporting, spiritual and social successes.